Saveurs Anglophones 017 – Jonathan Thullin – Compass

saveurs anglophones
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Saveurs Anglophones
Saveurs Anglophones
Saveurs Anglophones 017 - Jonathan Thullin - Compass

Aujourd’hui on prend la route avec Jonathan Thullin – Compass dans Saveurs Anglophones…

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Paroles de Compass – Jonathan Thullin (feat. Manwell Reyes) : 

Couplet 1 :

I am drifting, a hundred million thoughts spent on the wrong thing
My connection, a hundred million miles the wrong direction

Pré refrain :

Endless stars and endless space
The arrows are pointing all over the place
I’m an aeronaut
Navigation lost
Trekking through the universe
Never thought that I would be the one to give up first
Yeah, I must confess
Here’s me S.O.S.

Refrain :

(I am, I am, I am)
I know that you’re my constant
(I am, I am, I am)
Even when I lost it
(I am, I am, I am)
I’m chasing after you like a
Comp-comp- comp- compass
Comp-comp-comp- comp- comp-compass

Couplet 2 :

I have done this, teraformed my own sense of what truth is
Like a black a hole, crushing everything inside this black soul

Featuring de Manwell Reyes (rap) :

Never been this lost before
Gotta find my way back
Back track some more
With a back pack strapped to my back for sho
There’s no looking back track through the black for gold
Now I know I come equipped with a GPS
To see thee quest
My heart cryin’ S.O.S.
I hate my mess
But still man I must confess
I can’t digress
I’m chasing to see what’s next
Staring at my life like a map
Tryin’ to figure out where you at
Siri can you tell me how to get to the point where my future meets His best
And I tell you that’s real

Voix en Suédois :

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